My little sleep pill

I always crib that I couldn't contain him in a place even for few mins and somehow want him to engage in some activity.. I fail most of the times.. but out of blue he gets attracted to somethings and gets involved into it.. Recently, my little busy body is a chef, he likes to play with all spoons, plates and importantly cooker lid.. He spends some quality time trying to take of the whistle from the lid and keep turning it.. Today after his playtime, he took a nap and it happened to be a lonnggg nappp,  zzz zzzzzzz zzzzz!! This was the moment I was waiting for.. But, oxymoronic, I was quiet restless when he overdosed than his regular time.. I actually didnt know what to do without him.. I know I could  very well utilize the time he has given me in many things that I have made them wait for their priority in the loft with dusts..  Instead I sat in his room, seeing him sleep with his rosy lips opened and waiting for him to wake up.. Suddenly, I just laughed at myself thinking am being so silly to waste this precious time and pampered myself with a hot bath and candles.. By the time I was out of the tub, my avenger came running(crawling) to the room looking out for me with his dizzy eyes... I just cuddled him tight and we started discussing about the icecream dreams he had..

Avenger's lil gift to his dad

Happy Father's day!!

Dear dad,

When I first opened my eyes,
as I lay on my mama,
I saw ur watery eyes...

You touched my little hand,
and understood how much I need ur love,care & kind..

Seeing me, your face was
gleaming in proud,
as you caressed my newborn hair
I smiled to myself knowing that,
you are my playmate tossing me in the air..

Soon am gonna call you "da da"
and surprise you,
take tat as my first dad's day gift to you!!

Love youuuuu soooo much dadddyy!!!

Murals at home

This is one of the best picture in my life and you can guess why... Yes, I was born - the mommy in me was born.. Days before I used to wonder, in movies if I hear them play music for an emotional scene, it sounded funny and  dump -Gosh!, why cant they talk and express themselves.. When I saw a part of me lying on my lap with tiny winy hands and legs.. It was overwhelming! But at that moment, neither me nor my husband spoke to each other holding our little life in hand.. I understood, few things cannot be spoken out, only felt inside.. He was like a rose bud midst white snow as he was wrapped up in a white cotton receiving blanket  and  lay on me for the first time.. I was just squeezing my husband's hand out of pain, but the moment he popped out, it was euphoria.. I saw my mom next to me with eyes full of water.. I asked her, did you see my baby? How cute, isn't he? My mom replied, I was mainly seeing my baby the whole time, is she my baby gal, who used to faint when just an immune shot was given??  You were brave and you have got a lovely son... you are a mommy now(officially)... I leaned on her and thought, not matter what, how old we become we are still kids to our parents.. :)

Oh No!! Mommy started blogging again and she gonna end up scribbling about me and my antics.. Hope she doesn't ask me to read all her rants, she has got appa for that... 

Mark a Stone... Miles

One of the luckiest thing that can happen to you, having a happy childhood!!
- Agatha Christe
A mom is born when a baby is born, and am a crazy mom and my husband is a crazy dad. We are two confused parents to an amused kid.. Till now, when I get some mommy time with my mother, I would always intrigue her with questions like, mom tell me
   - How and which hospital was I born?
   - What is the first dress I worn? 
   - Did I go to school sans crying?
   - Do I fight with sis?
   - Was I ur pet or dad's?
   - Till when I was using milk bottles? 
   -Do you have any of them still?
   - Was I sucking thumb for long?
Actually, I knew the answers for all the questions as I have asked her google no of times, but still I would always love to hear it say to me again and again at any age.. Mom used to recite me back with her answers and at-times would show me her diary as a reference journal.. 
One day, as my little angel fell asleep on my lap, I was caressing  his baby hair with my fingers, I wondered  why shouldn't I make a blog on him and label all his milestones, so tat one day when he comes out with such questions, even I can retaliate to him  and see his eyes sparkling..