Mark a Stone... Miles

One of the luckiest thing that can happen to you, having a happy childhood!!
- Agatha Christe
A mom is born when a baby is born, and am a crazy mom and my husband is a crazy dad. We are two confused parents to an amused kid.. Till now, when I get some mommy time with my mother, I would always intrigue her with questions like, mom tell me
   - How and which hospital was I born?
   - What is the first dress I worn? 
   - Did I go to school sans crying?
   - Do I fight with sis?
   - Was I ur pet or dad's?
   - Till when I was using milk bottles? 
   -Do you have any of them still?
   - Was I sucking thumb for long?
Actually, I knew the answers for all the questions as I have asked her google no of times, but still I would always love to hear it say to me again and again at any age.. Mom used to recite me back with her answers and at-times would show me her diary as a reference journal.. 
One day, as my little angel fell asleep on my lap, I was caressing  his baby hair with my fingers, I wondered  why shouldn't I make a blog on him and label all his milestones, so tat one day when he comes out with such questions, even I can retaliate to him  and see his eyes sparkling.. 

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