This is one of the best picture in my life and you can guess why... Yes, I was born - the mommy in me was born.. Days before I used to wonder, in movies if I hear them play music for an emotional scene, it sounded funny and  dump -Gosh!, why cant they talk and express themselves.. When I saw a part of me lying on my lap with tiny winy hands and legs.. It was overwhelming! But at that moment, neither me nor my husband spoke to each other holding our little life in hand.. I understood, few things cannot be spoken out, only felt inside.. He was like a rose bud midst white snow as he was wrapped up in a white cotton receiving blanket  and  lay on me for the first time.. I was just squeezing my husband's hand out of pain, but the moment he popped out, it was euphoria.. I saw my mom next to me with eyes full of water.. I asked her, did you see my baby? How cute, isn't he? My mom replied, I was mainly seeing my baby the whole time, is she my baby gal, who used to faint when just an immune shot was given??  You were brave and you have got a lovely son... you are a mommy now(officially)... I leaned on her and thought, not matter what, how old we become we are still kids to our parents.. :)

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